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Frequently Asked Questions

Active Duty Service Members

When I place my prescription order, am I required to provide my credit card information if I am on active duty?

No, credit card information is required only for beneficiaries who are ordering online and are not on active duty, or for any beneficiary who requests rush shipping of a prescription order.

I am on Active Duty. Will I have to pay the non-formulary copayment for a non-formulary medication at Home Delivery?

Active duty service members may not fill prescriptions for a non-formulary medication unless it is determined to be medically necessary by the prescribing doctor first. Prescriptions received for non-formulary medications without evidence of medical necessity are returned to the patient. If medical necessity is approved for the active duty beneficiary, there will be no copayment ($0) charged.

If I am on Active Duty and do not wish to obtain medical necessity approval, can I pay the non-formulary copayment and obtain the non-formulary medication?

No. Under the Uniform Formulary regulations, active duty service members cannot obtain a non-formulary medication unless medical necessity is substantiated.

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