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Government Relations

As one of the nation's leading pharmacy benefit managers, Express Scripts seeks to play a key role in advocating health care policies and practices that make prescription drugs safer and more affordable for the patients we serve. Elected officials make decisions that directly affect our ability to offer quality prescription drug coverage at an affordable price. Therefore, our active participation in the political process is essential to ensure that we have a voice in those decisions.

Political Contributions
Express Scripts often makes direct contributions to support state candidates in those states where such corporate contributions are allowed by law. In addition, the corporate contributions are periodically reported to the Corporate Governance Committee of the Express Scripts Board of Directors. Additionally, Express Scripts maintains a non-partisan Express Scripts Inc. Political Action Committee ("ESI PAC") to allow eligible Express Scripts associates to combine their personal funds to participate in both the federal and state political process. Both corporate and PAC contributions comply with all local, state and federal laws and all proper public disclosure requirements. Contributions are disbursed according to the following criteria:

  • Does the candidate support public policy that promotes private competition, choice and free markets in the delivery and financing of health care?
  • Does the candidate support the important tools that pharmacy benefit managers employ to make prescription drugs safer and more affordable, such as the use of home delivery, generics and specialty pharmacy?
  • Has the candidate voted for or announced positions on issues important to Express Scripts and our plan sponsors and patients?
  • Has the candidate demonstrated leadership on key committees of importance to our business?
  • Does the candidate represent a state or district where Express Scripts has a large concentration of associates and/or customers?

Political Contribution Policy (PDF file)

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