Generic Mix

Express Scripts is committed to driving to the most effective and clinically appropriate medication. Our vast product suite helps to increase the use of effective generic medications while enforcing strict medication safety guidelines.

Promoting Generics to Injured Workers

Common belief has been that it would be hard to convince injured workers to choose a lower-cost alternative because there is no financial incentive for them to do so, as injured workers have no out-of-pocket expense for treatment related to their injuries.

However, the findings of a groundbreaking Express Scripts pilot study demonstrate how workers' comp payers can save money through effective communication with injured workers. The study found that injured workers who received a "social responsibility" letter – explaining how their prescription drug choices could help control the rising cost of healthcare were 60% more likely to choose a generic equivalent1 . Workers' comp payers save $34, on average, for each prescription switched from a brand name medication to a generic equivalent. To put that in perspective, the 11,000 injured workers that were targeted in the pilot could reduce the amount of annual waste from using brand name medications by $373,000.

This letter-based program is available to all of our clients interested in helping injured workers make the most appropriate decisions about their medication regimen.

Read the full article, "Helping Injured Workers Do the Right Thing", on the Express Scripts Lab blog.

Step Therapy

Step therapy helps drive to the lowest net cost by ensuring that injured workers try a clinically appropriate Step 1 medication (usually a generic) before trying a more expensive Step 2 medication (usually a brand name). This program helps to reduce wasteful spending by directing injured workers to a lower-cost, clinically proven medication in each therapy class.

Physician Outreach Program

The Physician Outreach Program helps to control costs by increasing generic fill rate. Through targeted communication with physicians, Express Scripts encourages the use of generic prescription medications over brand-name medications to give your company a healthy bottom line, while never subtracting from patient care. This program targets both multi-source brands, with chemically equivalent generics available, and single-source brands, with therapeutic alternatives available within the same therapy class.

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